Welcome to my blog.  This is long overdue.  For over twenty years, my life has been an adventure.  Newly retired from a profession I loved, I’m on an adventure to create a new kind of life.  As a teacher, one comment students made was that I’m a great story teller. Since I no longer have their captive audience, I’m hoping to create a space to tell my stories.

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As a Colorado native that grew up camping and hiking, I married a South African who has a passion for sailing.  For the first twenty years of our marriage, we’ve raced sailboats, sailed some unusual places, camped, hiked, and generally had some blissful adventures.  Don’t be fooled, some of adventures have been challenging and several life threatening.  These experiences have made us stronger, more adaptable, and taught us how to work together.

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Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.