State Parks

IMG_0949At first, setting out doesn’t seem different from any other trip you take.  But it isn’t long before the learning curve begins.  Our trip to High Line Lake State Park from Franktown, CO took a lot longer than anticipated.  We had to stop several times and there was a delay in Glenwood Canyon for construction.  In some ways, it doesn’t really matter but mentally it is helpful to have a realistic estimate of your arrival.   In the future, I will always add another 50% for the trip duration, therefore, a two-hour trip will take three.

The state park itself is enjoyable.  There is a path all the way around which the dogs really enjoyed, especially the swimming in the lake part and later that evening my husband and I took our mountain bikes back to an area with a really fun place to ride.

We stayed here only two nights before heading into Utah.

Things I’ve Learned

  1. In order to work, we need electricity.  The solar panel from the old trailer (with the adapter) doesn’t charge the phones or iPad successfully.  We will probably pick up a generator in Moab which is in a few days.
  2. Start the mail forwarding process sooner than later.  My husband was traveling out of the country right before the trip so we were having forms notarized the day we left.  The scan didn’t come out well enough for the company to read and also my name was to be notarized too.  These things are more easily handled at home but I guess that’s part of this; how to handle these things when you’re not in your normal environment.



The drive to Green River State Park was very windy, a headwind to be exact.  This dropped the fuel efficiency on the truck way down and there were no gas stations for about 60 miles.  The first stop we came to had relatively expensive fuel so we only filled up enough to get us to Green River.  The state park here is quite nice and some areas are better shaded than others.  We stayed here three nights.  We were able to ride ourIMG_0962 bikes and walk the dogs into town but we had to drive quite a way to find good hiking.  The river wasn’t viewable directly from the campground.  It does have a golf course and ultimate frisbee course directly adjacent to the campground.  It was too windy to spend much time outside or attempt ultimate frisbee.


Things I’ve Learned

  1.  Pull-through sites sometimes really mean pull-aside sites.  Our trailer ended up in a bit of an awkward spot because we had to pull in enough for the slide on our trailer to not stick out into the road.  I will definitely look at facility maps a little closer when making a reservation ahead of time.
  2.   Bring dog toys and dog grooming equipment.  We probably won’t always be in a place where our dogs can get a two- or three-mile hike each day so the ball thrower we got at the local hardware store has already been used.  Also, dogs will roll in as much grass and leaves as possible so a brush would be helpful too.

Places to Visit Nearby

The John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River, Utah

Goblin Valley State Park about 50 miles southwest of Green River, Utah


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