5 Awesome Websites in the Camping and Outdoor Adventure Field that you need to follow

These are my go-to places when I begin to plan my next blissful adventure.


Since I live in Colorado, I rely on my Colorado Atlas & Gazetteer map book a lot. But, I realized a few years back that I tended to go to the same familiar places especially when my kids were young. In exploring some new areas in my region I came across Fred and Suzi Dow and their website which includes a listing of the 157 national forests and grasslands they have personally visited and researched since 1994.  They also have resources for people interested in being a campground host. Suzi also has a blog corner with really interesting and entertaining stories.

You can learn more about this couple here:  http://www.forestcamping.com


 I discovered this gem just recently as a YouTube channel. These folks have recorded virtual tours of over 245 campgrounds in Colorado and a few in eastern Utah. They release a new video every Thursday. They also have a website with an interactive map. What’s awesome is you can really see which campsite would be a good fit for your rig and setup needs.

You can learn more about this person here https://campgroundrecon.com

The 52 Hike Challenge is a great way to find places to hike. In addition, the organization supports the physical and mental well-being associated with exploring new places and hiking an average of once per week. They offer rewards and swag. I often locate trails through my state’s chapter Facebook page and the use my Colorado Atlas to see what campsites are close. People share their hikes and pictures. So far this year, I’m averaging two hikes a week and there is a 100-Hikes Challenge too.

Camping for Women

There are times when I want to camp and hike and my husband’s schedule doesn’t work out or I just want to have sometime one-on-one time with my daughter or female friend. I found this website through a social media site I follow that is composed only of females who venture into the woods on their own. This website covers travel experiences of women around the world. Their mission is similar to mine and provides a forum for contributors in the blog section as well as a resource section. It is a one-stop shop for the inquisitive woman.

You can learn more about this person here http://campingforwomen.com

The Bearfoot Theory

I came across this website when I was deciding whether I wanted a camper van or a popup truck camper. This site has information about van life and although I did not choose a van (topic for another post), I did find many of the blog posts interesting and helpful. The pictures are amazing and I especially enjoy the winter hiking and gear reviews.

You can learn more about this at http://bearfoottheory.com


There are a plethora of helpful websites and people who are writing about and providing resources about a shared passion: being active in the outdoors. I will, from time to time, share more helpful resources and links to information I think will be helpful for you to build your skills in living an outdoor-centered life.

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