Blissful Adventures Was Specifically Designed for YOU (and here’s why)

As a nature lover and adventurer, it’s been disheartening to see what I feel are unrealistic images of the outdoor experience. The idea that the destination and the perfect selfie with the most picturesque background is the goal disappoints me and while I understand social media is a visual medium, I want a deeper connection to what I consume. As experienced as I am, it sometimes makes me forget that it’s the journey that matters. I’d like to create a resource for people who may not take (or want to take) the perfect picture of themselves to tout on social media. Some seek the conquest, I seek the peace that only being out in nature provides. I want a place where ideas, curiosity, and the anticipation of communing with outdoor experiences provides peace in a crazy world.

So I decided to build it. Let me explain the what’s, why’s, and how’s right now.

Blissful Adventures Was Designed for People Who Want to Explore Nature and Be Comfortable Doing So

For me, nothing is as satisfying as a challenging hike or a good day fishing on the lake. But it is the return to camp that offers comfort and rest. Finding the right gear to explore, spending a night or two or ten, and being prepared is my goal.

5 Things I Want To Help My Audience With

My blog exists to help adventurers have a positive outdoor experience with blissful comfort.

  1. Help make decisions about equipment that is right for their needs.

When it comes to traveling and camping, one size does fit all.  I have backpacked and tent camped as well as owned a pop-up tent trailer, a pop-up truck camper, a hard-sided truck camper, a travel trailer (both small and large-ish), and a Class C motorhome. There are things I wished I had known and would like to share this knowledge with others. I have resources to help you decide which option is best for your budget and your needs. Another consideration is knowing your personal skill level and creating experiences that are safe but also build your knowledge and skills. I also believe that “roughing” it doesn’t have to be rough and know ways to add comfort to your experience.

  1. Provide camping tips including checklists for different types of camping.

Each camping experience is unique and understanding the limitations of where you’re traveling to and what amenities, if any, are provided will help ensure and happy and successful experience. Since we have a travel trailer, a pop-up truck camper, and I still tent camp with friends, it important to be organized and know which equipment is needed for each type of trip. I have resource lists and checklists to help ensure you have the equipment you need for each type of trip. The way you pack for a week where you’ll be driving a lot is completely different from boondocking with no internet or electricity. These decisions are important.

  1. Place to Go including types of sites, benefits and drawbacks of each and resources.

While many people want to travel to the Mighty 5 in Utah or make the grand circle in the west, there are other magnificent places off the beaten path that are amazing and offer fewer restrictions and people. There are resources available to help plan either type of trip.

  1. Ideas for Organization and Food Preparation

Living in a small space has its challenges especially if the weather turns bad or you’ve forgotten some critical piece of gear. I have many ideas to share about organizing your space. In addition, food preparation can be made easy and fun if you know what to do. I have menus, recipes, and checklists to share. A little at home preparation will free you up to enjoy your food and camping experience with little at-site work and minimal clean-up.

  1. Cool gadgets that help make the outdoor experience awesome and comfortable.

Camping, hiking, and fishing require equipment. Having too many things can make it hard to stay organized, takes up a lot of space, and can be unnecessarily expensive. I’ll share ideas and products I’ve used over the years that have been impactful.